A Beginner’s Guide To Picture Rails For Your Home

Picture rails are a popular choice for hanging pictures in many homes and offices. With these rails, you can avoid the hassle of drilling into your walls with screws to hang the nails at each point.

You can also use the picture rail to hang several pieces of artwork at once or even for displaying family photos. When it comes to choosing the perfect picture rail from https://theartandmirrorhangingcompany.com/, consider what you’d like to display as well as where you’ll be placing it.

In small spaces, a wall-mounted picture rail can fit in well with a minimalist design scheme. Some of these picture rails have even been designed to blend in with existing décor or patterned wallpaper.

If you want to display your photographs on a wall or shelf, then hanging them from nails or hooks is probably not the best choice. These methods are bulky and draw attention from your walls, which could make your room look cluttered or untidy.

Picture rails make excellent options for displaying artwork on any wall regardless of their size.

To start, you'll need some materials to build your rail. If you're planning on painting or staining your rail, choose a finish that will tolerate a bit of moisture. For wood rails, I recommend hardwoods like oak or maple. If you're using a metal rail, I suggest choosing a material that doesn't corrode or tarnish over time, like steel or aluminum.