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Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Services

Aboriginal cultural heritage services include planning and development processes. You may need to develop and implement a Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) under the Tribal Heritage Act (AHA) before working within your planning application requirements for the Council.

In Victoria, in the most intensely developed regions, the landscape gets the belief of tens of thousands of generations of Aboriginal men and women. To know more about the aboriginal cultural heritage services and development plans, you can visit


Aboriginal men and women reside in southern Australia, today such as Victoria, for centuries. Throughout this time, individuals living in such regions left physical signs of the actions which are currently residing as cultural heritage places and items.

Underlining these bodily facets of tribal ethnic heritage are subjective areas where there are no actual signs of cultural actions of yesteryear. These include areas of religious or ceremonial significance, conventional plant or mineral sources, or travel and trade routes. Aboriginal spaces and items on private and public lands are located in Victoria. Aboriginal Victoria operates in partnership with land managers, landowners, and tribal communities to document, conserve, and manage those places and items.

The AHA Act provides a coherent way of protecting and managing tribal ethnic heritage and provides clear advice to developers and planners about when and where tribal ethnic heritage management problems should be considered.