All About Graffiti Removal In Australia

There is no alternative to cleaning up graffiti than a pressure washer, and these excellent cleaning products can help volunteer groups, communities, and private companies remove these stains on the landscape effectively and efficiently.  You can also browse this site to buy the best graffiti removal products in Australia.

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Fortunately, there are a number of cleaning products on the market that can help reduce these "artwork" stains around them. The following post will explain some of the ways that can be used to clean graffiti.

1. To remove graffiti effectively, you must first consider the level of pressure. Using only the power of water without chemical additives to remove graffiti reduces the chances of surface damage. It is recommended to use a low PSI, especially in brick and masonry, as a higher PSI will make the graffiti deeper into the surface and cause permanent staining.

2. Using hot water is the most effective temperature for removing graffiti. This is especially noticeable on metal surfaces as the hot water helps expand the metal, which then breaks the connection to the source of the graffiti. A high-pressure cleaner with an attached nozzle is also very important. Fan nozzles are usually better for removing graffiti.

3. For more stubborn stains, a high-pressure washer can be used with a chemical solution for deeper cleaning. In most cases, the machine's high pressure is enough to get the job done. However, if further use of chemicals is required, read labels carefully and determine what specific solution is required, especially when removing streaks from aluminum, cement, and wood surfaces.