Does Classic Italian Food Mean Pizza?

There's no doubt that for the majority of people, Italian food refers to pizza. It can also mean spaghetti, however, 9 times out of 10 people are thinking about pizza whenever they tell you they'd like to go out to eat Italian.

While it's the case that pizza is served in Italy however, the majority of the time the pizza you receive there isn't similar to the pizza Americans have come to know and love. Since some believe that the kind of pizza that you can find on the streets of Italy can be more authentic because of the flavor of homemade mozzarella in it

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They suggest that after you've tried it, you'll never want normal American pizza ever again. However, the reality is that in the realm of food (including pizza) the joy is in the flavor of the individual. Maybe you've read about some of the latest wine classes, which provide the idea that the wine can be excellent in the event that you like it. The taste of food is also the same.

If you have the pleasure of tasting authentic Italian pizza as well as American pizza and decide that you prefer the American version more than the authentic. There's no reason why you should be forced to eat something other than what you like. It's after all your stomach and tongue from which you are eating, not someone else.

Some people are real foodies when it comes to eating out, and with Italian food, this is a common occurrence. Many people get caught in the true Italian flavor and overlook the flavor that has been their favorite for a long time.