Save Water With A Half Pool Cover

Revolutionary use of tablecloths for half the pool

Each year the swimming pool loses billions of liters of water that can be saved. This article discusses the problem with a full swimming pool cover currently in use and how a half tablecloth is a solution to conserving pool water.

Save Water With A Half Pool Cover

Double problem

First, a full cover is difficult to store. The full cover is large and should be stored in 50 sizes or more. It requires a lot of floor space to provide cover for different sizes of pools. When the size goes out of stock, the customer has to wait for the stock to rearrange another load of caps.

The added problem of handling a full cover

Another major limitation to the full use of lids is that in history the only device sold to handle these lids was a deck reel, a large, expensive towel rack that sits at the end of the pool and takes up valuable deck space.

The industry is changing the distribution of half coverage

As noted above, full pool cover proliferation is a nightmare for today's distributors as full coverage distribution requires multiple case sizes to support many different inspectors.

Conservation is the goal

In short, the half-closed model will do its part to help conserve water and help the root causes of many water-related hunger communities that regulate water and promote rooftops through discounts with which users can do the right thing and cover the pool.