Some Common Signs of Commercial Plumbing Issues In Fremont CA

Hot water issues

This won’t be an issue for most commercial establishments but can be a big problem in others. If your establishment is one of the affected ones, you’d know how much of a bother this is. Imagine a hotel without hot water — this will be a nightmare for your guests.

This can potentially be a plumbing issue, so you need to watch out. Excessively hot water or insufficient heating are good indicators. You can even visit to hire a plumber in Fremont for any kind of plumbing issues. 

Water stains

These are among the most serious signs that you have to watch out for. Water stains on wood and other surfaces that are supposed to be dry can indicate leaks. It’s not just stains that you should watch out for, however. Damaged wood, wallpaper, or paint can also be signs of a similar problem.

Strange noises

Do you hear strange noises through your walls when you turn on faucets or when you flush? No, we’re not talking about the things that go bump in the night. We’re talking about creaking pipes and gurgling water. Be on the lookout for any of these signs that you have pipe or water pressure problems.

High water bills

If your water bill is high compared to your building’s water use, then you definitely have a problem. It’s either your water meter is malfunctioning, or you’ve got leaks somewhere on the premises. Do you want to save money? The longer you wait to get this checked, the more money you lose, so call a plumbing contractor ASAP.