Some Information on Toilet Installation In Toronto

Toilet installation in an above-ground bathroom is a simple and straightforward job. It requires very few tools, a new flange and bolts, and of course, the toilet. The worst-case scenario is the floor flange is rotted through and needs to be replaced. If the floor is in good repair, this job adds only a small amount of labor and time to the project, as well as the purchase of a new floor flange.

A more complicated project is basement installation. This job requires a special toilet that is attached to a pump and macerates sewage before it pushes it up to the main sewage line. For a basement best toilet installation in Toronto, you will typically purchase a back outlet toilet.

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With this toilet, waste needs to be evacuated from the bowl through a back outlet and into the macerator where solid wastes are liquefied by motor driven spinning blades.

With a typical toilet installation, the most expensive item you’ll purchase is the toilet itself. The parts for the new toilet are a minimal expense, and this is true whether you purchase a utilitarian unit that costs less than $150 or a $500 designer toilet.

Purchasing a unit for a basement installation with a pump and macerator will cost significantly more. The good news is that these basement units are usually sold as one package that includes the macerator and the toilet.