Some Of The Typical Problems That Occur In Air Conditioners

As with any appliance, the air conditioner may give you trouble at some point. Here are some of the typical problems that can occur over the life of your central air conditioner and how to fix them:

Thermostat: If you see a problem with the thermostat, the first thing to do is replace the old batteries with new ones. With some of the newer programmable thermostats, they have a low battery indicator. 

Power: You can check the availability of power by turning on the air conditioner fan and if the fan does not work, it means that your air conditioner is not receiving power. If this is the case, you will need to call for an air conditioning service provider. To find more details about air conditioning services visit

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Condenser: When you are checking the condenser, you should make sure that the fan is in the "automatic" mode and the selector switch is in the "cool" mode. There is a button near the refrigerant lines that you can press to reset the condenser. If it does not work after restarting, the condenser will need to be replaced by a professional air conditioning technician.

Condensate pump: This part is normally placed outdoors in any of the systems. The central air conditioner can lock out if the pump is unplugged, so this is the first thing to check. The system can also stop working if there is a faulty condensate pump. If you notice water collecting around the pump, you will need to have an expert to troubleshoot the problem.