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Pregnancy Ultrasounds – Essential For Smooth Delivery

Ultrasound in pregnancy is one of the most reliable tests performed after pregnancy is first confirmed through a routine pregnancy test that measures the presence of the hormone HCG. 

These ultrasound scans, which are done regularly to determine the growth and position of the baby, are usually used by doctors to get an accurate picture of a woman's pregnancy. You can also visit www.tummyvision.com/3d4dultrasoundprices/ to get the best 3d hd ultrasound service.

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Ultrasound is done by passing sound waves that help create an image on an electronic monitor. Ultrasound during pregnancy uses high-frequency sound that creates a darker or lighter image of human tissue on a video screen. 

These images are in dot form and can only be deciphered by a qualified technician. Dense tissues in the human body, such as bone, appear white on electronic screens, while soft tissues appear slightly darker, and fluids appear black on screens.

Types of ultrasound during pregnancy

Two types of ultrasound are usually used to check the growth and health of pregnant women. The first type of ultrasound, is used during a woman's first trimester of pregnancy to examine the condition of the cervix, uterus, fruit sac, embryo, and other deep pelvic structures.

Ultrasound during pregnancy is useful for determining the exact age of the baby and its development at various stages. This ultrasound can also tell us if there is multiple pregnancies, problems with the fetus, or if the placenta is misplaced.