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What Is an Intervention

What is an intervention? What is the purpose of an Intervention? Do interventions force people into treatment? These are just a few questions asked by family members who have a loved one struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol. An intervention is an orchestrated family attempt to get a loved one to accept treatment.

The purpose of an intervention is to inspire the addict to accept help for their addiction to drugs or alcohol. This is done by the family hiring a professional to walk them through the intervention process. The family will learn what works and does not work. The family will learn how to overcome objections during the intervention and how to offer a solution to the addict's concerns for not seeking treatment.

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Drug Rehabilitation

It is impossible to force someone into treatment. That is why it is so important to hire a professional drug or alcohol intervention specialist to assist the family in maximizing the success of the intervention.

An intervention only inspires and allows the addict to see they have a problem with drugs or alcohol and that treatment is required for them to successfully stay sober. Many addicts may be in denial. Some may know they need help, they would just prefer to deal with their addiction on their own.

Statistics show that those who admit themself to an addiction treatment program for drugs and alcohol have a better chance at staying sober. In addition, those who have had an alcohol or drug intervention have been known to stay sober longer because the family has been trained and educated on how to deal with their loved one when they leave treatment.