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All About Deck Furniture

A deck is usually constructed from a back or side door to a house to provide an area for residents to enjoy the outdoors and activities such as outdoor dining, barbecue, and entertainment. The deck can be small or large, and although it is mostly made of wood, other materials are used.

The tree requires regular maintenance and can be damaged by rain, wind, sun, and other elements. This led to the development of replacement wood for building or replacing decks. Options include composite wood, vinyl, various plastics, coated steel, and aluminum. Increasing demand for low maintenance but visually appealing options has also led to replacements such as cast iron fences, picket fences, and other decorative accents.

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Today's deck furniture offers maximum style and comfort. Style defines the area; From modern and refined to classic and casual, with more attention to detail than ever before. Swivel chairs, sling chairs, double sliding chairs, and upholstered chairs offer a tremendous difference in comfort compared to patio furniture of the past.

Most noteworthy are the newer models, which include a glider, swivel chair, and seesaw offering maximum relaxation. The sash style chair adds an elegant look to any outdoor setting. Much of the deck furniture available today has a rust-resistant aluminum frame.

It is difficult to clean with soap and water and a mild material is easy to move. Even low-maintenance furniture can receive additional protection. The cover ensures your furniture looks good even in the loudest outdoor conditions. Covers are available in polyester and vinyl as well as in heavy loads and offer year-round protection against the elements and discoloration.