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Bumper Repair – Why It’s the Most Common Repair

There are so many cars on the road today and so many that don't meet safety standards. Many cars need to be repaired or replaced. However, there is one fix that far outweighs the others. Bumper Repair The most common repairs that need or are carried out are bumper repairs, both front and rear bumpers. Again, this is an important fix that should not be delayed for security reasons.

There are many reasons why bumper repair are one of the most common repairs today. Think about it, your bumper, either front or rear, protects your engine and you. So if you're involved in an accident, it makes sense that your armor might need repair. However, some statistics will help you learn more about this issue.

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The number of cars on the road continues to grow at about 5% per year. This means that there are many cars on the road, increasing the chance of an accident.

In addition, 79% of consumers stated that their breakdown occurred in the garage. This is usually bumper damage as 80% of bumper damage occurs while parked. This could be because you misjudged the parking space or backed into another car. It could be your fault or someone else's, somehow your armor was affected.

As you can see, bumper repairs are very common because many people today are careless drivers.