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Do you Struggle with Show Through? Heres How you can Reduce that

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Show-through is a negative in the print world. It means the paper is too transparent for a reader to see the content on the other side without turning. This becomes a problem for publishers as it makes the print result look less expensive even if professional photography, quality printing, and design are used.

Why does it occur?

It generally appears when a thin stock paper is used. In other words, when the paper lacks enough pulp to make it opaque. However, it has its positive side. It reduces the overall cost, including that of printing, postage, and freight due to reduced weight.

Comparison of papers for the show through

Not all papers are the same when it comes to show-through. The pulp fibre’s quantity in the paper defines its opacity. If you pick coated paper, you will get a polished clay area that’s more transparent and has less fibre. On the contrary, an uncoated paper is the same as copy paper, that’s opaquer and the best option to reduce show through.

Why do people use light paper?

Light (or lightweight) paper impacts the overall cost, as stated above. From the cost of printing to postage and freight charges, it significantly reduces the expenses.

How to minimize show through?

While you can’t change the paper stock properties, you can minimize the impact of the show-through by combining like pages. So, with a page using dark and heavy ink coverage, avoid using white space on the other side. In that case, try to include heavy ink usage on both sides to reduce the show-through effect.

Or, you can ask printers from Wynnum for the best workaround based on your content and designs.