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Gain the qualifications to fly drones professionally

 drone training casa

Watching the world through the eyes of a drone is truly fascinating. The depth of drone technology and its numerous real-world applications across a wide variety of fields makes for a fascinating deep dive into the possibilities. If operating drones is something you are passionate about, you should explore the career path of a professional drone pilot.

In several fields like agriculture, mining, construction, surveying, photography, mining, and so on, drone technology has useful applications:

Music videos and music festivals

Flotation devices

Shark detection

Wedding photography


Tracking poachers

Sporting events

Farming and livestock monitoring

Agricultural spraying

Search and rescue

Building inspections

News reporting

Crime-fighting and border patrol

We have yet barely scratched the surface of what drones can do. There is no doubt that the demand for expertise in the operation of drones is necessary, and employers are hiring professionals. Casa drone training  can give you the qualification you need to be considered for these positions. 

However, to gain a competitive edge, you must choose training courses that go the extra mile. This CASA drone training at a nationally established institution also teaches the fundamentals of the business of drone technology along with the training required to ensure that your drones complete their flight without a hitch every single time.

Course Contents

Governmental restrictions on drones

Fundamentals of flying

Management of payloads

Fixed-wing aerodynamics

Single-rotor and multi-rotor machines

Management of fleets and execution of big projects

Flight simulation and field flying sessions

Soar through the sky with your drone every day and make it your bread and butter!