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Essential Tips for Every Drone Pilot

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Flying a drone is always fun provided the operator flies for fun purpose or serious work. In fact, there are a ton of flying enthusiasts that has made the drone industry popular. However, even professional drone pilots are known to make a few silly mistakes here and there. If you’ve invested in a drone, then consider following these essential tips helping you to avoid making major mistakes.

  1. Do not get Distracted – You may have gotten your hands-on flying drone experience on a simulation or outdoor, one can still get distracted while flying. Ensure you aren’t getting distracted while flying in crowded places to avoid damage or accidents.
  2. Do Carry Extra Batteries – If you’re at a shoot at a location where you are required to fly for longer durations, then you need to carry additional batteries. Carrying additional batteries helps you to fly your drone for longer duration helping you to get that important footage.
  3. Do not Shoot under Wrong FPS Setting – If you want your drone footage to be cinematic, then shoot at 24fps. Shooting at 30fps is also never a wrong option while recording the footage.
  4. Do Check for Electromagnetic Interference – Your drone is bound to face interferences next to electromagnet presence. Electromagnets are known to interfere with the radio signals of your drone. In order to ensure your drone signal does not get messed up, measure the K-index helping your drone to stay stable while flying.

These are a few essential tips every drone pilot must follow. Follow these tips which can be used to capture the best real estate drone photography in Perth.