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Dryer Vent Cleaning And Safety Tips To Observe In Toronto

Most people don't understand that dryer moss is flammable and can cause dryer fires that can quickly spread around your home. It is estimated that about half a liter of water is absorbed by the dryer at each drying process, so moss can easily become trapped in the dryer.

Excess fibers will adhere to the ventilation system and exhaust system. Many professional contractors use dryers to clean the spin dryer cleaning in Toronto.

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Here are some important safety and cleaning tips to help you maintain your dryer and prevent fires in your home:

Before each drying cycle, you must clean the moss trap for the dryer to run efficiently. If you find that the moss on your hairpins is damp, it's time to dry the holes. You have to scrub the screen with moss every week.

Beware of rags and clothing classified as flammable. This is because they can explode in the dryer and start a fire.

If the dryer is running, you need to check the outer cover of the vent. Check that the airflow and valve are functioning properly.

You should also check the exhaust system regularly. If there is any fiber, remove it immediately. Clean the ventilation holes for the dryer.

To be safe, include cleaning of dryer vents in your home care schedule to ensure your home is protected. There are a few important things to keep in mind when cleaning the dryer openings.