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What does a MTT Cell Proliferation Assay Kit do?

The MTT assay is used to measure the cellular metabolic activity in cells which is an indicator of cell viability, proliferation, and cytotoxicity. This colorimetric assay depends on the reduction of a yellow-colored tetrazolium salt to be transformed into purple-colored formazan crystals by the metabolic activity of active cells.

The viable cells consist of NAD hydrogen dependent oxidoreductase enzymes that are responsible for the conversion of the MTT to formazan crystals. These insoluble crystals are dissolved with a soluble liquid along with the resultant colored solution which is measured by measuring the level of absorbance in a multi-well spectrophotometer. You can buy a high-quality mtt cell proliferation assay kit to get the best results.

More the darker the alternative becomes, the larger the amount of viable, metabolically active cells are to be found in the given sample. The Cell Proliferation Kit I is a well-optimized MTT assay kit that contains ready to use reagents for the user. It's a quantitative assay that allows rapid and convenient management of a large number of samples.

This Cell Proliferation Kit can be used for several programs, like for measuring cell growth and viability in the given sample. Measurement of cell proliferation is proportional to the response to growth factors, cytokines, and nutrition. Measurement of cell viability and proliferation is the basis for many vitro assays of a moving population's reaction to an outside element. 

The transformation of tetrazolium salts has become broadly recognized as a trustworthy approach to analyze cell regeneration in the given sample. The MTT Cell Proliferation Assay kit steps in for the cell proliferation rate and on the other hand, when metabolic occasions contribute to apoptosis, they step out.