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Learn to Cut Stained Glass With a Pistol Grip Glass Cutter

When you first consider learning how to make stained glass, you might think that it is something that can only be done by artists or those who have been practicing for years. But what you need is a stained glass cutter and a little practice and you will be surprised how easy it is. Pieces of stained glass come in various styles and types and you will find various types to choose from. However, there is one type that many people work with stained glass and it's called a glass cutter pistol handle.

The glass cutter pistol handle seems to provide the most control when cutting the curve and patterns needed for most of the stained glass projects. Regardless of the type of glass cutter that you decide to start, you can use the following basic tips to start, and immediately you will be able to cut the glass like a pro. If you want to order Toyo pistol grip cutter, visit www.artglasssupplies.com/toyo-pistol-grip-tap-wheel-supercutter.

You can cut the glass in any way by pulling a cutter towards you or by pushing it out. Cutters don't care, and you have to start using any method that is easiest for you. When you get more skilled, you will be able to pull or push the cutter, depending on what makes the cutting easier for you to do.

Make your first cut from a standing position – when you study, you might feel it's easier to feel a glass piece when you do it while standing. And once you have an idea of how it works, you can decide whether to sit or stand depends on what is most comfortable and effective for you.

Hold the glass cutter with wheels up and down – important to remember and follow this rule. Be sure to keep the small cutting wheel straight up and down and follow the marked lines while maintaining pressure even along the way.

Find ways to hold cutters comfortably: no hard and fast rules about how you have to hold a stained glass cutter. And this is why many choose a glass cutter pistol handle because it is made to fit comfortably at hand.