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Downloading Facebook Videos online, here are top 3 website to use

Maneuvering one's way through Facebook, a video-sharing platform is increasingly becoming very vital in today’s world, especially,  with virtually everything needed to live a comfortable life and also to generate some form of income are made available there.

The website created by Mark Zuckerberg does not just host entertainment stuff but meaningful educational materials including cooking, decorations, events, technology, accessories, name them.

These resources had made the website one of the most sought after in recent times, however, at the moment it does not offer any direct download functionality for its teaming users who wish to download the video they wish to keep for later purposes.

Well, there is still a way out and that is what I bring you in today’s article.

3 top websites you can use to download that life-changing videos among others you have been yearning to have on your computer, be it laptop or desktop.

The 5 top websites you can use in downloading your videos are;

Fbisdown.com is one of the most convenient and fastest sites to download Facebook Video in different formats such as mp3, mp4, SQ, HD, Full HD, etc up to 4k resolution. The site can also suitable for downloading both Facebook and Instagram videos by just following these steps,

  • Open fbisdown.com on your computer
  • Copy the URL link of the video to download
  • Paste the URL link in the search box on fbisdown.com
  • Click on download
  • Select save and ok and your video is ready.

Fbtomp4.com has been described as the best online Facebook video downloader of all time, but I call it the multitasker. You will never go wrong using fbtomp4.com to download videos from over a hundred known video platforms, convert Facebook videos to MP4 or MP3 to be used as a ringtone on mobile phones, etc.

To download a Facebook video using fbtomp4.com

  • Navigate to the fbtomp4.com website
  • Copy and paste the URL link of the Facebook video to download.
  • Click on the Go button
  • Select the video quality, format, and size of your choice to download.
  • Click on Download

Note: If you choose to save the Facebook video still in video form, the video will start playing after clicking on download. Right-click on the video, select save video as, give the file name and then save.

However, if you opt for audio or MP3, after clicking on download, select save and ok to complete the download

Fierceonlinevideo.com Facebook Downloader is my favorite online Facebook downloader website due to the simplicity of the interface it presents. Unlike the earlier ones where every click will take you to a new interface, fierceonlinevideo.com presents all of them on one interface, in effect you see the first interface where you pasted the URL link while you choose the quality and particular format you want and even when you proceed with the other steps.

The website is one of convenience, simplicity and definitely, a must use. Fierceonlinevideo.com can also be used to convert videos to audio and offers up to 4k resolution.

To use fierceonlinevideo.com to download videos,

  • Open the fierceonlinevideo.com website in a new tab.
  • Copy and paste the Facebook video link in the search space provided
  • Choose format and resolution and click download
  • Click on save file and ok to complete the process

If you want to extract the audio, click on get audio, MP3, and finally, save file and ok to complete the download


Laptop Computer Bags – Designer Laptop Carrier

Unless you're planning to buy a computer bag online, it's a good idea to follow these guidelines when choosing the right bag for your laptop.

First of all, the size of the bag should fit your laptop. I'm sure you don't want to buy a bag that's too small or too big for your bag. I recommend bringing your laptop with you when you go to the computer store to buy your bag. This will definitely avoid the problem of buying the wrong bag for your laptop. You can also purchase the shoulder computer bags online(also known as skulder datasekker online in Norweign language) via various online sources.

21 Best Work Bags for Women 2021 - Everyday Totes for Commuting

Second, you also need to make sure that the bag you are going to buy has enough compartments to store accessories such as chargers, CDs, simple stationery such as pens, pencils, and rulers. Some bags have separate compartments for storing small items such as bags. B. Your business card.

The third point to consider is the weight of the computer bag. Keep in mind that bags that are too heavy are not easy to carry and carry around unless you buy a detachable laptop bag with attached wheels.

Lastly, be sure to compare the prices of different brands of computer bags. If you just want to use a bag to prevent dust from accumulating from your laptop, I'd say a cheaper bag will suit your needs.

So you don't have to buy an expensive leather computer bag because the cheaper ones are just as good.

You don't pay this for all the designer bags you own. Some will actually be at a more reasonable price than anyone can afford. You just have to remember that sometimes you will pay more because of the name of the operator.

One of the cheapest options you have is with this Juicy Couture bag. They have some really nice bags that are much cheaper than the above prices. Moreover, you can choose an urban, trendy, trendy or even funky look.


civil service loan Online

Credit and business travel are types of internships. They can last weeks, months, a year, or more. This occurs when a person moves to another position in the public service for an agreed period of time. This can be in the same government department or in another department.

If he or she moves to another department, the person moves to the payroll and requirements department of the accepting department.

You can also apply civil service loan online via https://www.afinu.de/beamtendarlehen-jetzt-beamtenkredit-unkompliziert-beantragen/ (also known as darlehen für den öffentlichen Dienst online https://www.afinu.de/beamtendarlehen-jetzt-beamtenkredit-unkompliziert-beantragen/ in German language)

This occurs when a person takes a position in an organization outside the public service. Permanent employees on the interior department payroll and the admissions department will be invoiced for the reimbursement.

In certain circumstances (for example when posting to charities), internal departments continue to pay individual salaries during posting.


The host organization values ​​individual skills and experience Individuals acquire new skills and experiences that they may not have acquired in their own organizations. This in turn benefits their organization when they return.

The relationships built within the organization can also be valuable.Find opportunities for credit and business travel. Some opportunities are posted as open positions, or you can identify opportunities that meet your development needs.

You may want to consider an analytical volunteer program. This program provides short internships for government analysts to provide analytical support to voluntary sectoral organizations.