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Many People get Confused Between Organic vs Non-Organic Foods Lets talk about it

Probably organic and non-organic foods are the 2 most popular types in the world. Being popular leads to confusion and difficulty in choosing one between the 2. Due to this, organic food is preferred by some while non-organic food is preferred by others. In order to avoid confusion, these are a few differences you need to know. But first, let’s understand a brief description of the 2.

  • Non-Organic Food – Chemicals like insecticides, herbicides, pesticides etc, are used for the production of non-organic food. Furthermore, these chemicals play a role in getting rid of insects, weeds, pests etc.
  • Organic Food – This is the type of food that relies heavily on the use of natural fertilizers such as the likes of compost and manure for production. Now, this type of food also depends on the use of chemicals however, they are found in less-levels. Instead, it depends more on methods like mulching, crop rotation, tilling, and hand weeding.

Now you know the definition of these 2, let’s consider a few differences.

  • Since the soil or ground is required for the production of organic and non-organic food, organic wins. This is due to the soil remaining fertile for a longer duration.
  • For saving pollution, water, and energy, organic farming is the technique resulting in these results.
  • With organic farming techniques, animals used are allowed to grow naturally. Moreover, the animals are not treated with chemicals, hormones etc.

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