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Conquer The Fear Of Flying With These Five Simple Steps

These five steps can help you conquer your fear of flying for good. They are simple, but their use has proven to be an effective way to relieve anxiety and fear many people experience around flying.

Use abdominal breathing techniques

When we are afraid to fly, our body stops to take shallow chest breaths, it actually creates more anxiety and tension. For more information about fear of the plane, you can see here now.

Fear Of Flying

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You need to focus on taking long deep breaths to concentrate on your stomach area. This will help to relax your body and mind.

Hypnosis can help

I am a big believer in hypnosis as a tool to eliminate fear and anxiety. Instead of spending a lot of money on seeing a hypnotized person, try to get some CDs or MP3s of hypnosis for fear of flying. These won't work overnight but stick with them and you'll see results.

Keep yourself hydrated

Bring water bottles on airplanes. Make sure you buy them after ensuring safety. They are quite expensive in airports, but I find that when my body is well hydrated it can handle stress and flying anxiety better.

Distract your conscious mind

Instead of giving room to the scary thought that arose during your flight, focus your mind on a movie or a good book. Really immerse yourself in it, and you won't have time to worry or panic on the plane.

Travel with someone

When not always possible, try traveling with a friend or relative. Just having someone to talk to during the flight can help you relax and help reduce any flight fears and anxiety.