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Basic PICC Training Course

A peripheral central catheter (PICC), also called a PICC line, is a long thin tube that runs through a vein in your arm and a large vein near your heart. It's rare for a PICC line to be put at your feet.

The best PICC training Recognition Monitoring Authority is eligible through licensing from a licensed physician or registered nurse and through proven successful experience with PICC. The goal of the PICC leader is to identify the sterile technique.

Comprehensive information is then provided on all aspects of PICC, including indications and contraindications for device selection, anatomy, venous health, vein selection, preparation for placement, step-by-step placement procedures, complications, care and maintenance, and issues.

Program objectives:

  • Review definitions of PICC and central catheters and discuss indications and contraindications for use.

  • Identify the veins in the upper arms and chest.

  • Provide detailed instructions for step-by-step application procedures, including infection prevention.

  • Review common PICC complications, including how to prevent them and what to do if complications are suspected.

  • Describe basic care and maintenance procedures, including daily site assessment and management of catheter flushing, for optimal PICC function.

  • An overview of the legal aspects of PICC-specific intravenous therapy.

    Drugs that are injected into a vein, such as chemotherapy and targeted therapies, may be given through the PICC.

  • If your body can't process nutrients from food because of digestive issues, you may need a PICC line for liquid nutrition.

  • For severe infections, antibiotics and antifungals can be given via PICC.