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What is Color Blindness and Color Vision Tests?

Color vision impairment is an inherited disease that affects around eight percent of males, and 0.5 percent of females. It's transmitted through the chromosome that is defective and is diagnosed with an easy test of color vision. 

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Most patients can perceive a range of colors but are unable to distinguish between different colors, particularly green and red.

The condition is typically caused due to tiny cells in the retina (known as cones) aren't functioning properly. In normal eyes, cones respond to green, red, or blue light. However, when these cells are damaged, patients will have difficulty distinguishing certain shades. 

In 99 percent of cases, patients have difficulty distinguishing between green and red as well as blue color blindness is also common.

There's no cure for color blindness, however, it shouldn't hinder your day-to-day activities excessively. It's generally inherited and present since birth. However certain conditions like cataracts and diabetes may cause changes in color vision. 

So, if you observe any unusualities in your eyes, it's important to schedule an eye exam and visit your optometrist immediately.

The most popular test for color blindness is known as the Ishihara test. Ishihara test. This test is frequently used to determine red-green color blindness. It is popular with optometrists. 

In your test, you'll have to look at a set of plates that are colored. On each plate, there's an inscription in a slightly different shade that can be observed by those who have normal vision, however, not for those with color defects.