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Use WiFi LED RGB Controller For Real Smart Home Lighting Control

What is a WiFi RGB LED controller, a simple explanation is a controller to dim the LED light through WiFi. This is a new popular trend developed for smart home and home automation. APP ultimately control is installed on iOS or Android mobile devices, which allows control of home lighting that is more flexible and intelligent.

The control system shall include WiFi throughout the APP installed on mobile devices, routers, bridges with RJ45 port, the receiver that connects to LED lights. 

The router must be connected to the Internet, and APP will be added to a home network that can send WiFi signals. There are numerous companies like thewavelights that provide remote control LED strip lights products.

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The bridge should be connected to the router via an RJ45 port that can receive WiFi signals from a mobile phone. The key point is that the bridge will be able to convert WiFi for other types of control signals, for example, the RF signal or DMX512 signal.

After all the parts are connected and wired properly and the APP is added to a home network. full touch control for adjusting brightness, color, and tone adjustments RGB dynamic color run mode is enabled. APP has a user-friendly interface and is easy to operate only with the fingers.

Recipients who might RF DMX receiver or decoder must be selected according to the type of input your LED lights as the output receiving end will be connected to the input end of the lamp. 

Of course, you should have a dimmable LED first, you can consult the salesman when you buy LED lights. For AC input light, you should choose a receiver with AC output. For the DC input, the receiver with a DC output should be selected, and the AC-DC power supply may be required for the recipient.