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How To Safely Remove A Tick From Your Dog In Burnaby

Ticks can be a health risk for your dog. Ticks can attach to the skin of your dog and cause pain, irritation, or even spread diseases. It is important to remove any ticks from your dog as soon as you find them. The risk of infection could be increased if the tick is left on your dog. Many people don't know how to remove a nit or how to properly remove it. However, there are various professionals ticks control companies in BC available with the best methods for eliminating ticks.

How to Kill and Prevent Ticks in Your Lawn

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Proper Tick Removal:

Knowing what you have to do is the first step in effective tick removal. While you are aware that your primary goal is to get rid of the tick, there are a few other important things to remember. To reduce irritation and infection, you need to keep the area clean. It is important to get rid of the entire tick, including its head. You could end up with serious infections and further complications if you leave the head.

Sterilize your tools to prepare for tick removal. To remove the tick, you will need to use tweezers. To sterilize them, dip them in rubbing alcohol. The area can also be sterilized by using alcohol to wipe it. After sterilizing the area with your tweezers, grab the tick as close as you can. You should not pull on the tick's body, as it will cause its head to be detached. Instead of pulling, move the tweezers from side to side. You can apply pressure to the area to encourage it to release and make removal easier.

After you have removed the tick, you can either put it in rubbing alcohol or throw it out. The tick should not be reattached to your dog, yourself, or any other family member. Clean the area once more.