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How To Maintain An Air Compressor

A good air compressor is an important part of the carpentry and manufacturing industry. Therefore, proper air compressor maintenance is perhaps the most important part of using and supplying pneumatic equipment. 

Since your air compressor is the muscle behind your air tools and behind your output as well, making sure they work from the ground up is just as important as your final result. You can also buy air compressors via https://compressedair.net.au/air-compressors/.

Air Compressors

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Read the Operating Instructions – The first step in properly maintaining your air compressor (or other equipment) is to familiarize yourself with the operating instructions/user manuals. 

Storage – Another important factor is where you will store the compressor. Regardless of whether you use the compressor daily and only store it at night, you should still store the device in a cool, clean (dust-free), and dry environment.

Some aspects of your compressor maintenance require slightly more frequency than others. Some procedures need to be done daily or after each use, while others only require attention every two or six months.

Weekly Maintenance – Remove dirt or similar obstructions from the air intake vents once a week. Wipe well and make sure it's clean, and if you're using a compressor with a filter, clean the filter as well (you'll be surprised how dirty these things get) and replace if necessary.

Getting an air compressor for your home or workplace can be one of the best decisions of your life. Finding cheap and effective ones makes this an even better opportunity.

Choosing The Right Compressed Air Dryer

The compressed air dryer is a must to avoid rust and condensation problems. This helps remove water from your compressed air. The compressor draws 20 liters of air per second. The compressor removes moisture from the air, creating a dryer.

The four main types of compressed air dryers are air-cooled, chemical, dryer, and membrane dryers.

Refrigerated dryer: They cool the air to low temperatures and condense most of the moisture. With refrigeration dryers, it is impossible to achieve sub-zero dew points. You can also look for refrigerated air dryers via https://compressedair.net.au/refrigerated-air-dryers/.

refrigerated air dryers

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Chemical Dryers: These dryers pass compressed air through a layer of chemicals, usually calcium chloride and lithium chloride, which attract moisture.

Membrane Desiccants: These are specially formulated membrane micro subjects that are selectively permeable to water vapor. Microtubes provide an excellent environment for dry air production from standard compressed air.

When choosing a pressure dryer, consider the following:

Don't exaggerate. Drying all the compressed air in the factory to a dew point of less than -40 is a waste. It makes more sense to divide the compressed supply according to the application.

Don't show less. Moisture damage results in high maintenance costs, downtime and loss of product. It is best to design a drying system that meets your specific needs.

A drying system containing only one additional coolant and a coupling filter can cause condensation problems after additional coolant.