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Reason To Use Sidewall Belt Conveyor Design

The side conveyor has a unique design. There is a wall on the side of the belt. Sidewall conveyor belts are similar to ordinary belts and can be used to transport different materials.

There are many advantages of using a sidewall conveyor belt.If you want to buy top-rated corrugated sidewall conveyor belts visit Monster Belting. The main reason for using the side conveyor design are:-

  • Doesn't Fall or Slip – That's the biggest benefit of having a wall on the side of your belt. Safety is the number one concern when moving objects. Items are protected from slipping, and falling from fenced edges. Some belts are made with a square cross section which keeps the elements in check. These tapes are specially designed to reduce spills.

corrugated sidewall conveyor belt

  • Rubber surface – Side conveyor belt is made of rubber. The loop provides additional grip on the underside of materials, products and goods placed on the conveyor.

  • Greater Strap Adhesion- The rubber top of this strap has increased adhesion. The manufacturer claims their straps are 5-6 times more sticky.

  • Fast Transport – Sidewalls make it easier to quickly distribute materials. It is often a difficult task to transport items to the unit compartment using a simple fast-moving belt.

Sidewall conveyors are the best way to transport your materials. This innovative innovation can reduce labor costs in a responsible and efficient manner.