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An Overview Of Star Wars Legion Game

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present the Star WarsLegion, a miniatures game with rapid-paced infantry combat that allows players to join legendary characters and villains in a battle to determine the destiny of the Star Wars galaxy.

You will wonder how is Star Wars Legion played? In the game, players build and paint a unique force of miniatures. You'll be in charge of your troops and come up with clever strategies. Then you'll take down the army of your adversaries to be victorious.

With 33 unpainted and easy-to-assemble miniatures along with all the cards, transportation tools, tokens, and the terrain you'll require to fight the Star Wars: Legion Core Set is the ideal method for bringing Star Wars battles to your tabletop.

There aren't many spectacles in tabletop gaming that are as inspiring as a miniatures game that is full of beautifully painted miniatures and well-constructed terrain. For the uninitiated miniatures, painting could appear to be a skill that is reserved for the skilled or extremely skilled. But it's not! This article will provide you with an overview of the basics of miniature painting. It will also eliminate the myth of thinking that painting Star Wars(TM): Legion miniatures is not possible. You can order your own edition of Star Wars: Legion Core Set at your local shop or on our website.