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Essential Rose Oil For Skin Care

The Rose flower appeared on the Earth long before human-being, around 10 – 15 million years ago like other plant materials. The fossils were found around the Northern Hemisphere. Botanists estimate around 200 species of Roses. Roses grew in the temperature with little humidity in the topical region of the Earth like Northern India, Bulgaria, Turkey, Morocco and France.

Rose Oil is also known as Rose Otto, Attar from roses, Rose Absolute, and Rose Absolute. Rose Absolute can be extracted using Hydro Distillation. Rose Absolute can be obtained by Solvent Extraction (using solvents such as Ethane or Hexane) or SCO2(Supercritical Carbon Dioxide). Aromatherapy is not recommended with Absolutes of Rose. They are only suitable for Natural Perfumery.

To produce one Kilogram of Rose Oil, or Rose Otto, it takes 4000 Kilograms. Researches have shown that Rose Oil is the best product for Skin Care to heal severe skin conditions. You can use it in a bath, add to message oil or homemade skin care recipes, and then put in a potpourris or pomanders. 

It can also be used to moisturize, firm, smoothen, and repair the skin. It is soothing, cooling, calming and soothing, with no irritation. Rose Oil is ideal for mature, oily and dry skin. It has positive effects on the superficial capillaries that have been broken.