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Help Your Child Stop Thumb Sucking With The Guidance Of A Dentist

Every parent answers questions in the pediatrician's office about their children. Do they eat solid food? Do you give them milk? Do you recommend supplements if they are breastfeeding? When it comes to going to the dentist in the early years of your child you might be afraid to question whether your child is sucking their thumb?

It is normal and even expected to have a child sucking calls. But if it goes for long then you can visit and get some thumb sucking devices like tguard aerothumb to discontinue the thumb sucking habit.

Some children stop thumb sucking at an early 6months age. Another baby continues to develop the habit. It is normal through the toddler and preschool years. This habit is not a problem until the child starts getting permanent teeth.

When your child continues to suck their thumbs can change the alignment of permanent teeth. This could lead to an overbite or speech problems such as lisping and not being able to say T and D's.

Finger sucking can be a tough habit to break. It can be connected with feelings and your child may depend on it to help them fall asleep. 

Encourage your kid by diverting them or offer their beloved stuffed toy. Make sure your child knows that you understand this is a process and will take time.