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Soft And White Tissue Caring For Your Skin

Paper is an essential element of our modern life, whereas tissue is the kind of paper that is closest to us. With the development of science and technology, people's quality of life continues to improve leading to increased demand for fabrics, especially in terms of softness, which defines the feel of leather as a basic need for middle and upper-class tissue papers.

Improving the softness of the paper is accomplished by selecting the right pulp, improving the splitting process or adding chemicals to the papermaking process. Among these methods, the addition of chemicals is the most common method of increasing the softness of the paper due to its low investment and ease of use. You can get more information about tissue papers via https://sheetglory.com/pages/what-is-toilet-paper-everything-you-need-to-know.

In the past, the chemicals used as emollients were usually exfoliating products that reduced the bond strength between the pulp fibres to increase the softness of the tissue paper. However, these chemicals can lead to reduced fabric strength and increased dust exposure in production.

The range of quaternary ammonium silicone emulsions developed by Elkem Silicones based on the properties of silicones can provide improved silky softness and smoothness in a wide variety of fabrics with minimal impact on fabric strength.

With over 60 years of experience in silicone manufacturing, Elkem Silicones focuses on the end-user and always puts product safety first. Fabric softener has been tested and found to be non-toxic, harmless to human health and meets safety standards in the manufacture and use of various fabrics, providing safety for fabric manufacturers and consumers.