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Information Of Pregnancy Ultrasound Week-By-Week

3D ultrasound is a step in the traditional 2D testing used in medicine today. Modern technology has made it possible to take pictures of the fetus in the womb. Today, computer technology and powerful software can create beautiful images of babies in the womb. Which was never so clear.

In 3D ultrasound, there are several echoes from different angles that can be stored digitally, and then shadows to create an image of life as a fetus. You can also get information about 6 week ultrasound through the web.

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In most cases, the 3D ultrasound will introduce you to your baby and assure you that he is developing well. In very exceptional cases, when problems occur; A 3D ultrasound can help you understand exactly what to prepare in advance for any necessary treatment.

Is 3D Ultrasound Good For Your Relationship With Your Unborn Little One? Well, that's right! Studies show that mothers who receive 3D/4D ultrasounds before they are born to bond better with their babies. 

4D ultrasound

Maybe you've heard of 4D ultrasound before? What is the difference? Instead, consider one of the baby photos as a snapshot; 4D is a four-dimensional ultrasound that produces clear images of the unborn child. 

4D ultrasound technology during pregnancy has many advantages. 4D ultrasound collects images in time series; H. You can see the video of the baby in the womb.