Tips for Filing a Homeowner’s Insurance Claim in Florida

No one wants to think that a hurricane or further disaster will ever happen to them, but when disaster does strike your home, do you know what to do at that time? Once the disaster has ended, you’ve made sure that your loved ones are safe. The next significant step is to file a homeowner’s insurance claim with experienced Florida hurricane lawsuit attorneys. Hiring lawyers from reputable firms like The Voss Law Firm, P.C. can get the claims more easily

hurricane insurance claim

Here are a few tips for filing a claim.

  • Interaction with your homeowner’s insurance company.

Report the damages to your insurance company as soon as possible. If you cannot recall the name of your insurance company, call the agent or your mortgage company.

  • Ask your insurance company different questions.

You want to know what to believe, so ask your company multiple questions at the outset of your claim. Here are few of suggestions:

  1. What does the insurance policy cover?

  2. What is the claims procedure?

  3. What are its deductibles?

  4. Who is the assigned adjuster and what is his/her contact information?

  5. What is the claim number?

  • Prepare a list of damaged things

Make a one-by-one list of all of your damaged items. Include an explanation of the item, the age, and all of the replacement costs. Model or serial numbers are very helpful. If you have pictures of your home or contents prior to the loss refer to those to help you in preparing your list of damaged items. 

And make sure you make two copies of this list, one for you and one for the insurance adjuster. Do not throw out damaged items until after the insurance adjuster has reviewed your home and property.

  • Preparing for the insurance adjuster’s inspection

The insurance adjuster stands for the insurance company, not you. Getting your own repair approximations from local contractors or repair companies can help you in the claims procedure of evaluating your harms. Provide the adjuster all estimates you receive, as well as any photographs from before and after the loss to document the damages and injuries.

The early payment is not the final payment. The Florida Homeowners Claim Bill of Rights needs insurance companies to pay the full value of policyholder’s damages without postponement. Most of the time, you will receive multiple checks under diverse coverages of your insurance policy. Before accepting and cashing a check from your insurance company, ask whether doing so will end your claims.