Your Image As Wall Art

Wall Art plays an important role in interior decorating and can have an instant impact on the atmosphere of a room. 

Choosing a piece of premium wall artwork that reflects your personality, interests, tastes and getting it to fit in with the overall theme of your home is a monumental task.



                                                                             Image Source: Google


Not only can you reflect your own personality and style into the room, but with the perfect wall art, you can also create a quick and affordable way to change a space without permanently affecting the room. 

Placement and Displaying your New Art

Supply your own artwork or photographs and have them produced on high-quality finished products such as photo on canvas prints, framed canvases, floating prints, and even create wall art murals. Pro Floating Prints are still quite new on the market and there are several options.

Normally the options are a laminated photo print mounted to a 5mm thick rigid PVC board with a wooden subframe on the reverse which creates the floating effect. 

These are often called Pro Floating Prints and are one of the most cost-effective of the wall art ranges. Other premium-style floating prints are aluminum prints and acrylic prints. 

Acrylic prints are best suited for sharp images with good contrast as the polished acrylic really makes images pop and look very crisp.

Aluminum prints are very slick too as they're much thinner than PVC options at 2mm thick with brushed edges. The slimline aspect of the rigid aluminum prints makes them look very sleek indeed.