Buy Electrical Safety Equipment Analyzer Online

The electrical safety equipment analyzer provides rapid automated testing in the form of a portable analyzer for healthcare professionals. Whether it's a simple test or a comprehensive analysis, it can do all such as:

• On-board automation with automated test sequences for easy compliance with important world standards for electrical safety

• Portable and ergonomic design with integrated handle and tilt stand

• Run tests with a simple multilingual user interface

The test automation integrated with the portable analyzer enables medical professionals to perform safe and fast testing. The Electrical Safety Equipment Analyzer helps you perform simple tests or complete analyses.

• Ensure all necessary test steps are performed correctly with built-in automated testing

The Electrical Safety Analyzer for Medical Devices combines the power of an electrical safety tester for an ECG simulator in one rugged, portable device. It includes two electrical safety test options for worldwide use.

• Portable and ergonomic design

• Five replacement sockets and easy electronic ballast connection with optional extension box

• Removable power fuses keep the device in the field and out of the warehouse

The high-precision electrical tester and analyzer is a portable, rugged and easy-to-use device designed for general preventive maintenance and compliance.

This integrates all the functions needed to evaluate medical devices when patient tests are not required.