Easy Steps For Printed Circuit Board Repair

Do you know that printed circuit boards or generally called PCBs have revolutionized the electronics sector? However, a disadvantage of them is that they do not include the robustness of the conventional steel chassis and the hardwired devices. That is why it is essential to handle them with extreme caution. Your best manufacturer for timer relays miniature circuit breakers is an automatically-operated electrical switch.

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The best method for businesses is to research online and choose a reputable industrial automation repair company that guarantees reliable and affordable solutions. For those who are still curious to try the repair job yourself, let's talk about some of the tips for PCB repair.

Things you need

  • Tweezers
  • Cable cutters
  • 18 gauge bare copper wire
  • Rosin Core Solder
  • Soldering sponge
  • Measures

Begin by mixing the epoxy according to the instructions provided by the producer. Follow up with the proper implementation on a single facet of the printed circuit board.

In another step, you need to use a razor blade to cut away the broken aluminum traces. You need to remove all the loose traces and carefully use the emery cloth to sand the traces. In another step of industrial PC repair, you need to plug the soldering pen into the 110-volt receptacle.

In the last step, you need to take a piece of tinned wire working with the tweezers and carefully place it between the traces where you have removed the loose part.