Global Demand For Steel Increases

To build factories in the Middle East and boathouses in South America, steel-framed buildings can be exported. Steel frames buildings can be a significant asset in countries that require emergency shelters.

In fast-growing countries, steel-framed buildings are in high demand. Not only for the building industry but also for other uses. High-end steel sales are driven by the automotive and manufacturing industries.

As the Asian government's stimulus package helped boost demand, Japanese steelmakers have been focusing more on export markets. While the domestic market is declining, companies such as QuickFrames USA are growing greatly in demand for steel frame constructions. 

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While the demand for steel is slowing in certain parts of the globe, steel frames buildings are on the rise as charities and businesses seek affordable, sustainable solutions. China's steel production has increased significantly, from 500 million tonnes in 2008 up to about 570 million tonnes by 2009.

There are still struggling and developing economies that require infrastructure. Businesses that specialize in second-hand steel frame buildings help to find affordable solutions for churches and factories, shops, and other buildings that boost commerce and community.

Although there are lingering concerns about a second global slowdown, economists are more hopeful that the worst is over. It has left a legacy on the pricing of iron ore and steel but it's expected to bounce back.