Successful Swimming Pool Maintenance in Dubai

Each pool has its own maintenance requirements. They all need routine, regular care. This is the key to prolonging your pool's life span. You don't have to rely on the pool service company for maintenance.

However, it is important to do some tasks yourself to keep your pool in top condition for many years. Steps to stress-free pool maintenance

Step 1: Remove all debris

You need to be careful when it comes to pool maintenance. To ensure quick and easy cleaning, you should skim the pool's surface every other day. 

Floating debris will eventually sink to its bottom, making it more difficult to remove. You can take help from Aqualivin to scoop up unwanted items, and proper swimming pool maintenance.

To improve circulation and reduce chlorine requirements, you should clean out your strainer baskets at the very least once per week. Simply take out the plastic basket and shake it off. To get rid of any stubborn material, use a hose.

Step 2: Vacuum the Tile and Walls.

A pool service company will tell anyone that weekly cleaning of tiles and walls will make a big difference. This will help prevent algae buildup and calcium deposits from becoming a bigger problem later. 

Your pool wall's material will determine the cleaning tools that you should use. For plaster-lined concrete pools, use a stiff brush and for vinyl or fiberglass, a soft brush is better.