The Employee Time Clock System

Many of us remember the punch clocks our parents used to use to punch into work. These machines were designed to monitor the hours employees spend at work and to help them work more efficiently. You can buy time and attendance software systems in australia online.

Companies have relied for many years on employee time clocks to record the hours worked each week by employees. Even though clocks may have changed over the years, companies still need to be able to set up payroll and make sure employees get paid for their hours worked.

These days, employees use cards that they swipe with a slot. This reads their name and records how many hours they worked. Each day, employees must clock out the same way.

After each pay week has ended, the central computer system counts all hours worked by employees and prints them on a spreadsheet. This streamlines the payroll process and eliminates human error.

The clock for employees is often located close to the main entrance or break area. Employees who are not paid for lunch breaks must clock in during lunchtime. Companies cannot use the time cards of other employees or clock in and out for them. Both employees are usually fired for this behavior.

Employee clock saves time as payroll hours are automatically added by the computer system. An employee might not get their time recorded in the machine's magnetic stripe or card doesn't work correctly.